High Performance Training

Richard specializes in training, coaching and advising elite-level athletes, those who want to be, and anyone — including novices and masters — with the desire/motivation to row well. Do you have a specific goal? Something holding you back but you're not sure what it is? Want to stay in peak condition? Just want to up your game? Coaching and training services are available either here with us or, schedule permitting, Richard can come to you.

An example: Richard worked with a client this past summer who went to the World U23 Championships in 2017, and wanted to try to make the team again this year — which he did, in the mens's 4X.

We also offer camps for various levels of expertise and specializations, please see the Upcoming Events section on the Home page for details.


Richard is also available as a consultant for athletes, coaches, clubs, programs or teams at all levels of the sport. Do you want some help with selection? Someone to help set up and/or run your regatta? Collaborate on or develop a training program? Just drop-in and guest coach for a weekend or even a week? Again, services can be provided here with us or, schedule permitting, Richard can travel to you. This is a model that he followed during some of his time in New Zealand.

Coach Education

One of Richard's real passions has been educating and coaching other coaches. He taught coaching at Otago University in New Zealand, and spent much of his last couple of years there as a consultant coach (see above ). Our plans here include offering regular coach-education programming in the form of clinics/workshops, lectures and conferences.


You might be asking yourself why you would work with us, if you already have a coach/club/team? Think of it like this: You have a grocery store you typically go to. It's close to home and has the things you need. But sometimes, or on certain occasions, you find yourself in need of items that aren't available at your regular store — so you find a specialty shop that has them. Sometimes you go just because you want to see what the specialty shop has, and sometimes it has exactly what you wanted or needed for the occasion, maybe even delivered TO you. But it does not mean you stop shopping at your regular store. 

We welcome inquiries from athletes, parents, coaches, clubs, organizations ... pretty much anyone involved or who wants to be involved, in the sport of rowing. Novice through master, new club or coach to national team, give us a call or send us an email with any questions you may have or just tell us what you're looking for.

richard@northwestrowingcenter.com   or 1-425-591-8424 for all programming related inquiries.

sarah@northwestrowingcenter.com or 1-888-272-2631 for anything else, or if you're unable to reach Richard.